MY Why

For the last 20+ years, I've been blessed to be a Dad. Other than being a husband, it's been the greatest accomplishment of my life. When I'm not distracted by all life's "stuff," I try to enjoy time with my family.

I've created Daddy's Diner so you can enjoy time with your family (in better words, love your neighbor). Eventually, we'd like to create games where Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma get to be the star of their own diner. But, we had to start somewhere.

My Story

Over the last 20+ years, I've been the "unofficial" owner of Daddy's Diner in my own home. I'm most famous for my "snack sampler." It's a bedtime "treat" that takes the place of the standard "one choice" snack we usually offer. My snack sampler features small portions of a variety of snacks on a big plate. It's kept a secret until my big reveal at which time the kids are usually all fired up about what might be included. It's usually a big hit with them!

After losing my job recently, I thought about how I might turn my "Daddy's Diner" into an experience other Dads can enjoy with thier kids at snack time AND also at mealtime. That's how I created Daddy's Diner Game. The chef's hat, apron, placemat, balloons, order pad, etc were all added to make it an even more entertaining experience I share with my kids.  Not to mention, any time I can step up and do a meal is always well received with my wife too!