Our placemat has a ton of games. Some of them (tic-tac-toe, for example) has room for playing 1 time. For this game, and others, you can turn the placemat over if you want to play more than once!


2 players. The object of this game is to get 3 of your letter in a row either across, up/down, or diagonal. One player is "X" and one player is "O." Alternate turns. X goes first. If neither player gets 3 in a row before all spaces are taken, its a tie or "cats" game. To play more games, turn the placemat over and draw grid.

Build your own Maze

The object of this "game" is to create a cool maze! See the examples on the placemat. Start by drawing one line at "start." Then draw another on the opposite side with a gap in between them. Continue to alternate lines drawing them in a way that creates a "tunnel." When you want to create another/separate tunnel, leave a gap in one of your lines. The more tunnels you make, the more challenging the maze becomes. Close off one or more or all of the tunnels except for 1...the one that connects to "finish." Have someone try and solve your maze! Learn how to build a maze here...

Dot Game

2 Players. The object of this game is to end up with your initial inside more squares than your opponent. Player one starts game by drawing a line that connects 2 dots only. The second player then does the same. Alternate turns. Each player can choose to draw a line between any 2 available dots. Once a player can close a square, he/she writes his/her initial inside the square. By completing a square, the player gets another turn. The player can continue his/her turn until he/she cannot close any more squares. Once all lines have been connected and all squares have initials in them, count the number of squares with each initial. The person with the most squares wins!

Make your own Flag!

The object is to create a cool flag or try and draw your favorite flag from scratch!


2 Players. The object of this game is to guess the word of the other player BEFORE you trace all of the body parts. There are 7 body parts/guesses (head, neck, 2 arms, body, 2 legs). Player one thinks of a word and draws each letter as a space in the open space (For example, these spaces might represent the word "Happy" _  _  _  _  _ ). Once the player has "drawn" the spaces, the other place guesses a letter. If the letter is in the word, the "word creator" writes the letter in the correct space and crosses the letter off below. Then the "guesser" says another letter. If the letter is not in the word, a part of the person is traced and the letter is crossed off from below. This continues until either all the body parts are traced or the "guesser" completes the word/wins.

Daddy's Diner Logo

The object of this game is to color the Daddy's Diner Game logo any way you wish.

4 Star Game

2-3 players. Each player should use a different color. The object of this game is to get 4 stars in any direction (up/down, across, diagonal). Decide who goes first, second, etc. Each player pics one star (anywhere on the grid). The next player does the same. Keep coloring in stars by alternating turns until a player has 4 stars in row.

Word Generator

The object of this game is to create as many words as possible in 60 seconds. The person with the most correctly spelled words wins (words created must have letters from words you selected).  Dad should select 1-3 words (Any words will work (its more fun if word(s) have more more words can be created from them).

Ask those playing to write the word/words you selected inside the Word Generator box. Get your timer out or be ready to count to 60. When Dad says "GO," Each player should write down as many words in the spaces below (in the time allowed-60 seconds is ideal). When time is up, say, "Stop!"

This game is more entertaining for older kids (11+). Most of the time it turns into a fun competition with those playing saying, "let's do another one!" Go here for word generator ideas...

Free Draw

Draw anything you wish.

Letter Scramble

The object of this game is to unscramble the word. Have Dad think of a word then scramble it using the available spaces. It's best to think of a word under 8 letters. Once the letters are scrambled and written into the spaces provide, ask everyone to unscramble the letters. It's helpful if you write the word on a piece of paper. Then you can ask everyone participating in Daddy's Diner to write down the scrambled letters in the spaces so you don't have to. Then, say "GO" and have all try to figure out the word. Go here for letter scramble suggestions...